Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wow snowstorm Jan 2010

Snowstorm 2010 over four feet in one week!  We ventured out and bought the last snowshoes in town so we could enjoy our four day snow weekend.  Doug loves to shovel, but might be done with it for a while.  We have a trail across the street from our house that leads right to the Pumphouse Wash trailhead.  LUCKY!


Staci Kramer said...

I saw the snowstorm headline on your blog and thought WOW! We should do a day trip up there to see the freakishly late snow! Then I realized it was from January. I guess I'm the late one. Either way, I'd love to see you guys soon. I don't FB but I do blog so keep it updated for your silent fans. I have taken up painting and photography and I know there are an army of Arnetts who could help me suck less. Plus I'm missing that Flagstaff weather. We really have to make that July trip an annual thing!

Heather {naturally crafted mama} said...

hi maryjane! you had left a comment on my blog about the wool felt mason jar cozy but i don't see your email address anywhere. hopefully you'll get this comment. feel free to send me an email augustwest005 @ if you would like to chat about the cozies!